A Tale: Iron Warriors Heresy Challenge

Hello dear reader, Papa Robin here with some more inane ramblings.
If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you will be aware that the Warbastards have embarked on a challenge to produce a fully painted 2,000 point army before an upcoming event with some friends in September. Former Troll Slayer and friend of the Warbastards, Rob West of Firestorm Games is allowing us to come and play with a bunch of other Resin-crack enthusiasts in his Cardiff store, for which we love him!
Anyway, we wanted to be able to rock up with painted armies, to play on painted tables which would allow us to get some awesome picks for you to ram into your eyes dear reader. Aren’t we good to you?

This challenge presented me with a good opportunity to focus on one of my many projects that I am neglecting and actually finish an army for once. So an easy decision really was to run with my Iron Warriors.

Unfortunately, unlike the rest of the team, I’ve actually got very little finished, or indeed started for my guys as I have been horribly guilty of proxy-crime since I started playing Heresy. This does give me a relatively blank canvas for the challenge, but means I don’t have a head start.

So here’s my starting point for the challenge:

As you can see, I have a long way to go!

My plan for the force is to have Tactical squads making up the bulk with some hefty firepower supplied by Havocs, rapiers and possible some dreadnaughts. I’m still playing with lists and the play testing, but it’s safe to say that I’ll field at least two Tactical and one Devastator squad, so that’s where I’m starting. At this point, I’ve got thirty-four MKIII legs and torsos stuck together…


…and one complete legionary

Wish me luck!

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