A Review: Wayland Games


Online shops. Surely they should send you something after you pay for it, right? Right?

Well, if you are Wayland games, apparently not. See, based on a recent shopping experience with them, I’m come to believe that Wayland exists in some kind of Bizarro-world, where providing goods for monetary exchange just isn’t a thing, despite it being your fucking entire business model.

Some background: For a few years now, Wayland has had a bit of a bad press on various wargaming forums. Poor delivery times, misleading stock levels, lack of communication, all things that get bandied around online regarding them. Our very own Martin has had issues with them in the past. I;ve made one order from them directly before and was actually pretty surprised – I got my stuff pretty damn quickly and there were no issues. Maybe it was luck, maybe I got the one day Competent Terry was working. Who knows.

Fast forward a year or so. I’m browsing the eBay, trying to find a reasonably costed Stephen Rao for Infinity. Online stores have him at various prices, all with postage adding another £2 or so. A search on eBay gives me a few options – one of which is Wayland. Now, the cost of the model isn’t that much cheaper than anywhere else, but importantly, the postage is free. Ordering direct from Wayland would have cost me for the postage.

Two clicks later and Rao is paid for. Estimated delivery date of the 14th of May. Ordered him on the 11th at 8am, so thats pretty good. Wonder of wonders, I get an email about 12pm the same day saying that hes been despatched. And then……….nothing.

Seriously, empires rose and fucking fell while I waited for Rao. The 14th came and went. Nothing. Another 4 days passed. Still nothing. I flag the non-delivery through eBay, message Wayland to ask for a refund. The eBay process is to wait 8 days for a response and then escalate to their CS if needed.

8 days pass. Nothing. No delivery, no refund, not even a reply or basic acknowledgement of my email and issue.

Thankfully, eBay CS refunded me within a couple of hours of escalating the case. I have no doubts that had I ordered direct from Wayland, I’d still be waiting for a refund. When the heat death of the universe comes and all is dust, I would still be waiting or a refund or delivery.

Lesson learned folks. I’ll stick to Firestorm Games in the future.

And here’s a thought Wayland, you know – one for the next staff meeting, maybe next time someone orders something from you, maybe you actually post it out to them. Indulge in a little of that retail/consumer process yeah?

Just a thought.

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