Arrivals – the Lords of War walk amongst us

[pl_blockquote cite=”Excerpt from personal recordings, post-investigation reports made by Inquisitor Ishmael Constans, Ordo Hereticus.”]”Was it an error in judgement to summon the Astartes? No. This war needed to be prosecuted swiftly and brutally as an example to those other planets and sub-systs harbouring similar pretensions towards independence. My colleagues may have wished for a more amenable Chapter, one more suited to the propaganda machines tastes, but for my own purposes, the Talons would more than suffice.”[/pl_blockquote]
[pl_blockquote cite=”Gunnery Sergeant Rand Lasko, 4th Platoon 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry. Comments made typical of anti-Astartes feeling prevalent amongst Imperial forces.”]”So apparently some Astartes commander is here. What’s your frakking point? Is he gonna suddenly appear at tac-briefs, bathed in the light of the Emperors holy ****? Is he single handedly gonna protect every low-grade habber we have flocking here? Is this frakking hero gonna save my men? No, because they’re already frakking dead. I’ll tell you what this hero will do – he’ll piss off up north with the rest of his frakking Astartes in secret and all we’ll see is the bodies left behind.”
+++Begin Image Record

Inquisitorial spy-drones seeded in the Raseen Commercia District capture footage of assumed Astartes command elements for the first time

Closer image of Astartes command elements captured by spy-drone. Initial visual clue recognition and Astartes heraldry pattern analysis tentatively identify the central figure (ref Ast-[2]) as a company level commander equivalent to Captain in Codex Astartes designation. Ast-[2] temporarily assigned identification appellation of Praetor in line with known Iron Talons Chapter organisation.

Further image captures and identification efforts hampered by destruction of Inquisitorial spy-drone by Astartes pictured far left (ref Ast-[1]).

+++End Image Record

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