Escalation – Stemming the tide.

“Someone told us the Astartes were here. Can’t tell you if that was true, but what I can tell you is that things got real quiet round ‘End ‘Port real quick. We went from crapping ourselves at every raid siren to routine patrols in the habs like nothing had happened. The prop-lit mags and pic-shows were full of tales of the Holy Astartes saving kiddies, castigating the Secessionists, all that stuff. The habbers lapped it up, but the vets, those Malaz guys – some of them had been up-country and claimed to have seen the Astartes in action. The things they told us didn’t sound like any prop-lit I’d seen. Sometimes it was hard to know if the Malaz boys even thought the Astartes were on our side.”

Magistratum Officer Jiraz Tomei, Journeys End Starport East-19 Precinct. Excerpt from post-event Inquisitorial Debrief, Aren Prime Secession.

***Begin Record

Within two weeks of the Astartes’ deployment planetside, the southern continent of Aren Prime had been pacified by the combined but not co-operative military actions of both the Iron Talons and the 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry. While the guard secured Journeys’ End Starport and the surrounding habitation and goods-processing districts, the Astartes appeared to concentrate on reclaiming several outlying manufactoria and supply districts adjacent to the continent and ocean spanning mega-transport route known as the Namas Highway. These interdictions effectively removed all semblance of Secessionist control from areas designated as an immediate threat to Imperial holdings on Aren Prime and ensured that the Starport remained firmly under the aegis of the Emperor’s faithful. Attempts to co-ordinate military efforts with the Talons came to nothing as the Astartes embarked on a lightning fast series of murderous attacks on Secessionist supply lines and command nodes. The military dogma and doctrines of the Talons clearly owed a great debt to their Primogenitors, the White Scars, as swift-moving Rhino and Razorback mounted Tactical Blades savaged the Secessionist forces with little reprisal in return. Fragments of Iron Talon combat records recovered from communication traps installed by Inquisitorial agents and translated from the obscure combant-cant used by the Astartes seemed to indicate that this war was approached with something less than the righteous fervour that one would expect from the Angels of Death. It was not until the shocking events of Reclamation Action 80/db-3 (ref The Broken Angel) that Imperial observers would see the Talons ire come to the fore and the escalation of their presence on Aren Prime, an series of increasingly brutal compliance actions that started at the Stane Service Township clash (ref Reclamation Action 82/db-3) and ended with the first major Astartes military action at The Cut (ref Reclamation Action 214/sh-6).

*** End record

Secessionist emplaced observation posts capture footage of Edge fireteams advancing under supporting fire from Astartes armour elements

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