1st Heresy Challenge Group Update: Part Two

Well, we all made more progress than expected in this update period, so I had to split this over two articles. First world problems right?

If you missed the first half of the update, get your internet-gums around it here – Horus Heresy Painting Challenge Part 1! 

What’s in this update? I hear you ask… first Blood Angels….


So what’s been going down in Melancholy Town? Well, there’s been a decent amount of progress thanks to a recent resin injection into the bits box. Assembly wise, I have put together the last 5 Breachers, 2 of the 5 Destroyers, my Legion Champion, Moritat and the last 5 Veterans. Aside from the last 3 Destroyers (held up by a lack of bases) that’s all the infantry done. Want some proof, you reprobates? Boom:


As you can see, there’s also been some painting progress. The Moritat is undercoated, the Legion Champion has his crimson finished, and 2 of the Veterans are completely painted:


Overall, a fairly large chunk of the remaining work done, at least assembly-wise. Still need to paint all these chaps and get the last 3 Destroyers and a Sicaran assembled. I’ve got a good 3 months or so for all that, so I’m fairly confident that Seraph Company will be done and dusted and ready to die to an Angel come September. There might even be enough time to rock out one or both of the two special things planned to cap the Fall Of Seraph project off, The Lion Of Baal and The Lazarene. While the army might not be the best in-game due to no Spartan or flyer bentness, they will at least look glorious. Die well, you beautiful bastards, die well.


Paul was sneaky this time round, he was all ‘I don’t think I’ve done anything really’. Then boom, he sent all these pics – no shame for Paul… this time round…

tsons2 tsons-pics


Duncan came out of left field with a whole article at the last moment, which in turn meant I pushed this article back, so he’s safe this week. You can see his article here – World Eater Update.


Well Jason didn’t make any progress. Ok, that’s not entirely true, he painted a whole bunch, even some Emperor’s Children… but well they were commission pieces and not for his army… so no mercy… Jason is this update’s loser, you should all pile scorn and shame upon him. Truly he is a Wobbly Sausage.

Jason everyone.


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