1st Heresy Challenge Group Update: Part One


You may have already seen the individual updates for this challenge, if you haven’t, you can catch up with the kick off here, Dave’s Blood Angels, Robin’s Iron Warriors, James’ Deathguard, Paul’s Thousand Sons and my Iron Hands.

We also have Duncan’s World Eaters and Jason’s Emperor’s Children coming up.

Too lazy to click the link? Well here is the summary; by September we all aim to have 2000 points of Heresy marines, built, assembled and painted.

Every two weeks it’s our intention to share a progress update showing what we’ve been working on, and in all likely hood admit to the whole wide internet that we are lazy and haven’t done any work. This is the first of those articles!


Hi guys and dolls, I’m pretty pleased with the progress that I’ve made so far.  I’m still predominantly in the construction phase of the challenge, so not much painting has been done, though I have done a little.


At the starting point, I had only one completed miniature, which was a lowly Tactical Marine. Now at teh time of writing this I have 3 completed Tactical Marines, 2 Tactical Sgts, 1 Apothecary,  My Siege Breaker & My Master of Signals.

Robin's completed models so far, look out for the cock thrusting power pose on the Dreadeo

Robin’s completed models so far, look out for the cock thrusting power pose on the Dreadeo

I’ve made a start on my Dreadio, but the rest of my Tactical and Devastator squads are still just a pile of legs and torsos.


Painting wise, I’ve made what from the outside looks like some massive progress, as I’ve finished a Cattafractii squad and nearly finished my conversion of Erasmus Golg. However, most of the work on these had already been done, and I simply finished them off. Though they still need weathering and I don’t have any legion symbols for their left shoulders, so that’ll need to wait.


Well James has made some pretty epic progress in his article already, which only went up a few days ago, so he manages to dodge having shame and scorn piled upon him this week… but next time he won’t be so lucky. Hopefully he’ll have made progress by then, but shame cannons are at the ready just in case.

For all my goading of the others, I have made very little progress on the painting front.

Since writing the list I’ve had to make some adjustments because Praevians are now support officers. So I had to show horn in another HQ. Dropping a dreadnought gave me enough points for a Consul Forge Lord, and to upgrade my Phobos to a Spartan.

As far as actual progress on completing the goal, well I changed the armament of the Praevian and gave him a bit of a repose so he looked less like he was getting his gun off like some gangster cliche. And more like he’s hard as nails:

Notice a similar cock thrusting power pose...

Notice a similar cock thrusting power pose…

For painting, well I started working on my Dreadnoughts shown here:

So what’s up next? Dreadnought progress! Hopefully finishing them off and starting work on the Immortals. I’m waiting for doors to arrive for the Spartan!

Well dear internet, this is the first half of the group updates, the stoic legions. Stay tuned to see how the pretty, perverted and crazy legions do in our next update. Will there be a pinpoint barrage of shame from the shame cannons? Only time will tell! 



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